About the author

Professor HawkinWe thought we’d tell you a little bit about the curious author of the Hawkin’s Bazaar blog, a permanent resident of Hawkin HQ who seldom leaves the office. It’s obvious that there’s something a little different about him, so we’ll do our best to recount his tale.

It all started in the late 1970s when the best scientists in our R&D department were attempting to create the ultimate Space Hopper. The original project brief is long lost, but the result of their experiment is legendary throughout Hawkin Towers. What they created was much more than a Space Hopper, it was sentient.

This may sound like the start of a Terminator-like horror story in the making, but fortunately the creation was a friendly bouncy ball who rather took to the name Professor Hawkin and didn’t mind giving people the occasional ride around the lab. He felt like one of the team and was far too loveable to stick in a box in the warehouse. As such, he was quickly adopted into the Hawkin’s Bazaar family and started helping out wherever he could.

The years passed by and Professor Hawkin’s abilities grew well beyond that of a regular Space Hopper, lending a handle around the office across all departments. It’s when the web side of things started to take off that he was really interested, taking to our social media channels and later, our blogs with his unique style of bouncy enthusiasm.

Today he happily continues to write on our blog, typing via his handle antlers or, if he starts to get a little tired, by surrogate staff members. His only real disappointment thus far only rears its head when he tries Googling himself, just to find a certain theoretical physicist with a similar name dominating the search engine rankings.