Bean Boozled Challenge

Bean Boozled Challenge


If you’re not already familiar with it, let us introduce you to the Bean Boozled Challenge. It’s an Internet sensation that’s spreading like wild fire, with literally millions of people tuning in to watch poor souls take part. But what is it? Allow us to explain.

First off, you’re going to need a box of Bean Boozled jelly beans. Inside you’ll find a selection of 8 different coloured beans, but with 16 different flavours. Half of them are delicious tasty treats like juicy pear, buttered popcorn and peach (YUM!), whilst the other half are gross shocks to your taste buds such as canned dog food, vomit and rotten egg (not so yum). There are two flavours to each colour, one good and one bad, and there’s absolutely no way of knowing which one is which until you pop it in your mouth and give it a chew!

So, what’s the best thing to do with a box of potentially gross jelly beans? Film you and a friend taking it in turns to try them in a juicy, Russian roulette type game of luck! So we did just that, as you can see below! It’s quite honestly the most fun we’ve ever had with a bowl of sweets, and that’s really saying something because we eat A LOT of sweets.

Click here if you’d like to get your very own box of Bean Boozled, and if you make a video don’t forget to show us!



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  • Doing this tonight with some youth students!

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