Best Father’s Day gadgets for under £30

Best Father’s Day gadgets for under £30

Do boys ever grow out of their toys? Not really. You’ve exhausted the novelty socks and the overpriced craft beer sets, it’s time to get your dad something he actually wants this Father’s Day – a quirky little gadget that’s maybe a bit useless but really good fun.

Moon in My Room

All those pesky British clouds make looking at the moon quite difficult most nights. This remote-controlled illuminating moon hangs on your wall and shines brighter than the real thing. Plus you can see all the individual phases, from a sliver of white to a werewolf-inducing full moon.

Vodka Zinger

A gadget for the dad who likes to throw a cocktail shaker around from time to time, despite the fact he only ever drinks ale at home. Fill this slick vodka infuser with your favourite brand of the Russian stuff, plus a few fruits and spices, for a naturally infused vodka cocktail that will impress any party guest.

Star Wars R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum

Custard cream crumbs in your keyboard? Bits of digestive stuck to your mouse mat? This loyal little R2-D2 will sit on your desk and hoover it up with maximum efficiency. Sure, it might not be as exciting for him as sitting on top of an X-Wing, but he’s still doing an important job making your bit of the office look neat and tidy.

Syma x12s nano droneSyma X12S Nano Drone

This micro quadcopter is only a teeny tiny 7cm long, but it’s packed with a surprising amount of power and is a perfect option for the kind of dad who probably couldn’t be trusted with a £500 drone.

With a 6-axis gyroscope and the latest in intuitive controllers, this little thing will always fly straight and true. Plus, it’ll stay in the air for a cool 8 minutes and even do a 360-degree flip.

3 in 1 Powerbank, Torch and Hand Warmer

Some dads just don’t appreciate things that aren’t practical and grounded in logic and reason. If that’s your dad, he’ll love a powerbar because it does three important things at once – charge your phone, shine a light on things, and warm up your hands.

Now for the important stats. It fully charges an iPhone 5S in 90 minutes, the LED torch can provide 50 hours of light on just one charge, and your dear old dad’s hands will stay toasty for up to 5 hours.

Retro TV Games Controller

Imagine if you could access 200 retro classic games on your TV with just one little £12 controller. Well, now you can. This controller is a magic 80s throwback machine, and gives you access to 200 8-bit arcade-style games that you loved then and still love now.

Just plug it into your TV and you’re off. Choose from shooters, puzzlers, sports and racing games. Your dad will love the nostalgia trip.

RC Plane Classic Trainer

Your dad wants a private jet for Father’s Day? Well here’s one you can actually afford. With simple but intuitive controls, this plane is designed to teach budding pilots the basics and prove more difficult to crash than a normal biplane. A must for any aviation addicts!

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