chirp and cheep with DigiChicks

chirp and cheep with DigiChicks

Ever held a tiny chick in your hand and had it serenade you with an adorable little tune? No, us neither. We imagine it’s a wonderfully magical experience that melts your heart and stays with you forever, and though we can’t offer you quite that, we’ve got something just as good.

DigiChicks are the new release from Silverlit, the clever clogs who brought you DigiBirds last year. Cute just doesn’t cut it when it comes to describing these mini feathered friends (though CUUUUUUTE comes pretty close). They come mounted in half an egg shell, fresh from hatching into the world with a chirpy look on their face and a song on their beaks. They love a good sing song, cheerfully bursting into a variety of musical ditties when you blow gently on them, or when they hear the sound of their favourite whistle. Held in your hand or mounted on the whistle ring, they’re perfectly happy to trill away as they flap their wings and sway from side to side.

Now, you may think that’s just about all of the cuteness you can handle, and to be totally honest we thought much the same. Prepare yourself though, it gets even cuter (CUUUUUUTER). When a group of DigiChicks are placed together, you can sync them all up to perform as the most enchantingly sweet choir you’ve ever seen. Real birds are great and all, but they can’t harmonise like this. Every DigiChick will sing along and follow the choirmaster, creating a beautiful melody.

There are six DigiChicks to collect, each with their own name and colour. Fluff is green, Buttercup is orange, Poppy is red, Mila is yellow, Violet is violet (surprise surprise) and Hadley is blue. Each one is precious and captivating, and they can’t wait to go to their new homes!

Click here to get your very own DigiChick, or view our unboxing video below for a closer look.

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