competition for Great Ormond Street Hospital

competition for Great Ormond Street Hospital

Boy oh boy oh boy, it’s competition time again! We know it’s exciting stuff, but please try and contain yourselves whilst forming an orderly queue, everyone will get a turn, we promise.

Seeing as it’s Easter we’ve gone with a tried and tested “name that bunny” competition (it’d be a bit weird to give away Christmas lights after all). It’s really simple, just suggest a name for our floppy eared friend and you could potentially be taking them home!

That’s not all though, ohhh no! We’ve combined two of our favourite things in the whole wide world to create this extra special Easter themed chocolate pizza. Yes you did read that right, it’s a pizza, made out of chocolate, and it’s amazing.

Now you may be thinking that a fluffy bunny and a chocolate pizza is already an amazing prize, and you’d be right, but we’re not done yet. If you enter the competition via the online app (see below) you can also win a whole stack of extra goodies, including a craft puppet set, Ringo Flamingo game and Bluffoons board game. That makes our overall prize bundle worth over £75! This is only for the online submission though, so store entries won’t be eligible for the extras.

“How do I enter to win these astonishing prizes?!” we hear you cry. Well calm down, stop shouting, and listen up!

There are two ways to submit your bunny name suggestion. You can either pop into one of our stores (or temples of fun, as we like to call them) on Saturday 4th April and do it in person, or use the app below and enter right now!

We’re suggesting a donation of £1 per entry to our official charity partner and all round miracle workers, Great Ormond Street Hospital. This can either be given in store when you enter the competition, or submitted via our JustGiving page. Absolutely all of the profits that we make will be donated to them to help fund the incredible work that they do.
Click here to do your part!

We’ll pick the winning name completely at random on Saturday 4th April, and be in touch with the lucky so and so soon after to arrange delivery of their treats.

So there you have it, name a bunny, win a truck load of stuff and help Great Ormond Street in the process.

Good luck everyone, and Happy Easter!

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