Cup Stack Challenge

Cup Stack Challenge

If you’ve not yet heard of the speed stacking sensation that’s currently sweeping the internet, hold on tight and prepare for the Cup Stack Challenge.

It sounds simple enough – stack your specially designed cups in a certain order and then take them down again as fast as possible. Easy peasy, right?
Erm… not so much. In fact, we had a go ourselves – with fantastically funny results – which you can see below.


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There are loads of different “stacks” you can do, ranging from the simple 3 cup stack to the more elaborate 1-10-1 stack. Don’t worry, the pack comes with all the instructions you’ll need to become a master.

We highly recommend having a quick look online at some of the world record stacks out there. We’ve watched them over and over and still can’t quite believe our eyes!

It’s an amazingly addictive challenge (we had to confiscate Jack and Leanne’s sets so they’d actually get back to work) and fun to play against an opponent or just against the clock. You can get your hands on your very own Cup Stack Challenge Set (12 aerodynamically designed cups plus an instruction sheet) by clicking here, we’d love to see your challenge videos!

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