Dinosaurs took over our Easter!

Dinosaurs took over our Easter!

We’ve been getting in a bit of a dinosaur mood this Easter, and how could we not with a cinema trip to see The Croods and our inescapable Sunday desire to watch Jurassic Park on DVD? It meant we just had to crack open the pocket money box and have a look at every dino-toy and prehistoric doodad we could find.

Our excitable rummage began with one of our new arrivals. The Dig and Discover Dinosaur Fossil lets eager palaeontologists crack away at a sandstone fossil with a hammer and chisel, slowly unearthing clusters of dinosaur bones. Once they’ve all been found and dusted off, they slot together to create a neat little dinosaur figure. Best of all, when you’re done you can re-set the bones in the sandstone fossil and do it all again another day.

Having watched Jurassic Park at the weekend, we thought we’d give dinosaur management a go on a slightly smaller, less toothier scale. Whilst the Growing Hatching Dinosaur doesn’t necessarily warrant its own island attraction, it’s a pretty neat little toy for roarsome little dinosaur enthusiasts. Just fill the container with water and a dinosaur will hatch from the egg within, slowly growing to the height of the container over a 72 hour period. It even comes on a keyring so you can monitor its progress on the move.

Wild World Dinosaur figures

Probably the best drawer in the office

Not content with merely hatching a dinosaur, we also gave inter-species herding a spin. It’s incredible how tame these Wild World Dinosaur Figures are, as we’re happy to report that there were no chomping incidents or escapees from our desk paddock. From the t-rex to the triceratops, each one is mightily detailed and looks impressive on display, in the toy box or even hidden in a colleague’s desk drawer (Jen wasn’t amused).

Finally we thought we’d explore a little reported fact about dinosaurs, and how incredibly stretchy they are. The multi-coloured Stretchosaurs in this pack twist and elongate in never before seen ways, allowing you to knot, stretch and even ping the elasticated beasts. We’re shocked to not have known about this impressive property of dinosaurs sooner and fully expect the next Jurassic Park film to incorporate it in some way.

What have we learned from all this? Dinosaurs are cool. Well, we didn’t learn that really, as that much is obvious to everyone. Holding these bits in our hand, we can’t help but feel they’d make a neat themed party bag. What do you think? Surely any birthday party can only be improved by an increased number of dinosaurs! Even if there aren’t any birthdays on the horizon, they’re still good for that little dino fix we all need from time to time. We all get that, right?

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