Drink like a Viking boss with Das Horn

Drink like a Viking boss with Das Horn

Drinking out of a glass is overrated, don’t you think? Don’t get us wrong, from the humble tumbler to the classic pint glass, they all do their job pretty well, but we can’t help but think there’s a way to do it better. This notion sent us on a wild adventure through the vast expanses of history, and we’ve finally found the best drinking receptacle of all time, Das Horn.

Das Horn is straight out of a Viking feast and holds a monumental 24 ounces of refreshingly cool liquid (that’s well over a pint) in it’s formidable length. The removable neck strap makes it perfect for festivals, parties or just wandering around the house shouting Nordic sounding words. If you ever do feel like putting Das Horn down (though we can’t see why you’d want to), it comes with it’s very own stand, complete with embossed emblem.

What’s more, it’s made of plastic and features a stainless steel rim emblazoned with ‘Das Horn’, so it’s completely dishwasher safe. Just don’t go putting any hot liquids in there, it won’t like it.

If you’re thinking, “By the hammer of Thor, I must have this drinking vessel in my life!!!” then click here to go to the product page. If your thoughts are more along the lines of, “Great beard of Odin, please tell me more!” then cast your eyes downwards and check out our featured video, complete with real life Viking*.

*He’s not actually a Viking

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