Easter is more than just chocolate y’know

Easter is more than just chocolate y’know

Easter is great. It signals the start of spring, the return of the sunny, warm months and (most importantly) it heavily features chocolate eggs that get hidden in random places by a giant rabbit.

However, it doesn’t have to JUST be about the chocolate. We’ve got a great selection of Easter treats available that can put the finishing touches to your day. Chocolate AND toys? Yes please!

1. DigiChicks

These DigiChicks are one of the cutest things we’ve ever seen here at Hawkin HQ, and they make the perfect Easter companion! Just gently blow onto one of the recently hatched bundles of loveliness and it’ll cheerily start tweeting whilst moving its wings and beak. Blowing through the included ring will cause the DigiChick to join in with a beautiful melody all of its own. However, the best comes when DigiChicks are placed among their friends, when they’ll form an adorable choir as they all sing together in tune! If a choir of newly hatched baby birds doesn’t sound like Easter, then we don’t know what does.



2. Colour Your Own Cardboard Castle Playset

Every King needs a castle, and with this awesome cardboard playset they can build their very own! The panels easily slot together to form a formidable fortress for brave knights and fair maidens alike. All of the brick details and flag crests have been drawn onto the castle already, but they’re in desperate need of some colour! It’s a great craft set that’s sure to keep little ones busy for hours, even after they’ve finished colouring it all in! As a special final touch, it even features a working drawbridge to keep pesky siblings out.

CYO Castle

3. Make Your Own Rabbit

This craft kit makes a great Easter project for little ones who love to sew. It’s a really simple kit to use, with all the fabric pieces pre-cut to size. All you have to do is follow the easy instruction to sew them together, add the stuffing and finish it off with some decorations to be left with your very own floppy eared friend.

Make Your Own Rabbit


4. Make Your Own Easter Egg

Making your own Easter eggs is way more satisfying than shop bought ones, and we think they look loads better too. This simple kit is loads of fun for children and grown ups alike, and it comes with everything you’ll need (not to mention it’s completely calorie free). Inside you’ll find polystyrene eggs, a collection of paints and loads of pretty decorations to make a wonderful, crafty Easter. Once you’re finished, hide them all over the place for a classic Easter Egg hunt!

MYO Easter Eggs


5. Easter Glitter Globes

Put some sparkle into this Easter with one of our Easter Glitter globes! They work in the same way that every classic glitter globe does, just give it a shake and watch a storm of sparkly confetti rain down on an adorable little chick. Awwwwwww.

Easter glitter globe


6. Easter Bubbles

These egg shaped bottles of Easter blowing bubbles make a great alternative to their chocolatey counterparts. Not only are they much lower in sugar, they’re bound to last a lot longer as well!

Easter bubbles



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