How to set the time on a Blink Time watch

How to set the time on a Blink Time watch

We’ve had this question pop up a few times, so we thought we’d give a detailed explanation of how to set the time on a Blink Time Watch. At the time of writing, these instructions apply to all Blink Time watches including the Mini, Band, Swap and original watch. As they’re all single button design, it’s actually quite simple to set the time and date when you know how.

To set the time and date on a Blink watch:

Step 1
Press the watch face to make the time appear and then hold down the button until the display starts flashing.

How to set the time on a Blink Watch

Hold the button to enter time set mode

Step 2
Press the button to change the hour, cycling between morning and afternoon as noted by the “A” (morning) and “P” (afternoon) symbols to the right of the time. When the correct hour is selected, hold down the button to make the minutes flash.

Step 3
Like before, press the button again to cycle between the minutes until you have the correct time selected, then hold down the button to confirm the choice and switch to date selection.

Step 4
Tap the button to select the current year and then hold it down to confirm your selection. This will switch to the month selection display.

Step 5
Again, tap the button to select the current month, then hold it down to change to the final part of the process, the day.

Step 6
Yup, you guessed it, tap the button until you have selected the current day’s date, then hold down the button to finish the setup on your Blink Watch. Congratulations!



    • Hi Niah, simply hold down the display and then wait until the numbers start to flash. When they flash, tap the display to change the hour to the correct time. Once the correct time is selected, hold down the display again to confirm it. This will then cause the minutes to flash, which again can be changed every time the display is tapped. Just follow this process until you have the time set. Hope that helped!

  • That explanation explains the process perfectly. I think the one written on the packet is FAR TOO SMALL to read without a magnifying glass – and must be in some way misleading because I was unable to do it using that explanation!!
    Many thanks!

    • No problem Mark. Always happy to help!

  • This will not work on my watch which is annoying

  • Thank you so much I had never had one of these watches before but I don’t get the date and the year. But this Vid really help me thank you

  • My two daughters bought one each of these yesterday. We have set the time correctly, but for no reason they both reset completely. What use is a watch that constantly tells you it’s 12:00 on 1st of Jan???

    • Hmmm, that sounds odd. Our only advice is that you return them for a replacement or refund. Sorry!

  • Um, wondering why mine just also reset like that… I bought it yesterday, too, and mine just went back to default… my main Q is: Why is are there only 60 years, not 100? When I went to set the year, I accidentally went one to many (17) and not 16 like it should be, so I had to go all the way around again… I was surprised when it said-
    58 59 60 1 2 3…
    Just a quick Q for you. And BTW, awesome watches!

    • Hi Brandie, thanks for your question! It could possibly be a battery issue. If you take it back to the shop or email (if purchased online) then they should be able to help. We honestly couldn’t tell you why the years stop at 60, but if it is an issue for you, please feel free to return the watch in 44 years for the new model that will track years between 60 and 100 ;)

    • This is hard

  • Hello, no luck here. Pink UPC # 0 85761 22415 5 blink time band mini pink. Will not turn on. Pushing either the face or right side. Is the battery no good? Any ideas welcome. Just purchased today. Package says 04/16/451.

    • Sounds like it might be a battery issue. If replacing the battery does not work you might have to take it back to the shop. Hope that helps!

  • I’ve set the time, but I have a mini and the directions above say the year is set next, and the directions that came with the watch say the month comes next. I can’t tell which it is because what flashes looks like a “y” then a colon and a number. What is going on?

    • Hi Mary, when setting the date on the Blink Watch, you set the year first, then the month. Hope that helps!

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