How to use a remote selfie stick

How to use a remote selfie stick

You’ve no doubt heard of a Selfie Stick by now, we’ve been shouting about them enough after all. We’re going to continue shouting about them too,  as we’ve only gone and got a brand new model in! This one is an updated version of our other Selfie Stick, and comes complete with remote capabilities! That’s right, no more fiddly self timers, just plug the cable into your phone’s headphone plug and press the button on the Selfie Stick’s handle to take your pics.

Use our step by step guide below to take the perfect selfies, and watch the video to get to know a bit more! Of course, if you’re sold already then just click here to get your very own!

If you’ve got any questions or thoughts about the Remote Selfie Stick, then pop a comment below and let us know! We’re always up for a chat.

How To Use a Remote Selfie Stick

1. Pop your phone into the cradle at the end of the Selfie Stick. It’s really simple, just tug on the plastic grip to extend the spring loaded mechanism, slip your phone between the brackets and then gently release. The cushioned arms should grab your phone, giving it a snug and perfect fit. 
2. Take the cable and put it into the headphone plug of your phone. If you’ve got an iPhone, the stick will work straight away. If you’re on Android, make sure you have OS 4.2.2 or above. It won’t instantly work with all Android phones, but if that’s the case all you have to do is download one of the hundreds of free camera apps from the Google Play store. 
3. Slip your hand through the wrist strap and grab the rubber grip, we wouldn’t want you accidentally dropping anything!
4. Extend the Selfie Stick to your desired length and adjust the angle of the cradle. This varies for every picture, so it’s worth having a practice run to make sure everything lines up.
5. Move the Selfie Stick into place, strike a pose and press the shutter button!
6. HUZZAH! You just took a selfie.

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