How to use a selfie stick

How to use a selfie stick

If you haven’t heard of the Selfie Stick by now, we can only assume that you’re a hermit who lives deep in a very dark cave at the top of a very tall, very remote and very mystical mountain. Either that or you don’t have access to the internet, in which case why on Earth not? And how are you even reading this?!

Selfie sticks have officially taken the world by storm, allowing users to take better selfies than they’ve ever taken before. Even P-Diddy has been seen using one. Or is he Puff Daddy now? Or just Sean? Whatever, he’s cool and he uses them, so you know they’re good.

However, through all this hype it’s easy to forget that many of us haven’t actually used one before, so we thought we’d help you out and show you exactly what they do and how they do it. We know, we’re too nice, we just can’t help it. You’re ever so welcome.

How To Use a Selfie Stick

1. Pop your phone into the cradle at the end of the Selfie Stick. It’s really simple, just tug on the plastic grip to extend the spring loaded mechanism, slip your phone between the brackets and then gently release. The cushioned arms should grab your phone, giving it a snug and perfect fit. 
2. Set the timer on your phone camera (we found that 3 seconds works best, but it’s up to you!). If your phone doesn’t have a timer, fear not, there are loads of free apps that you can download.
3. Slip your hand through the wrist strap and grab the rubber grip, we wouldn’t want you accidentally dropping anything!
4. Extend the Selfie Stick to your desired length and adjust the angle of the cradle. This varies for every picture, so it’s worth having a practice run to make sure everything lines up.
5. Click the shutter, move the Selfie Stick into place and strike a pose!
6. HUZZAH! You just took a selfie.

You’re now ready to venture into the world and take better selfies than you ever thought possible! Out on an adventure and want to take a selfie, but need to fit in as much of the awesome backdrop as possible? No worries! Clip in the phone, extend the stick and SNAP, you’re done. In a big group of buddies but can’t get everyone in shot? Clip, extend, SNAP. You’re beautiful, your pictures are beautiful, everyone loves them. You get the picture.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, our helpful Toy Tester, Jack, has done a Selfie Stick review for your viewing pleasure. Watch it below, or click here to get your very own!


  • Thanks for the selfie stick guide!

  • Great article, Im actually gonna have to buy a selfie stick now!

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