Immerse Virtual Reality Headset

Immerse Virtual Reality Headset

If, like us, the idea of virtual reality fills you with wonderfully nerdy giddiness and excitement, then you’ll no doubt have heard of the Oculus Rift¬†that’s been taking the VR world by storm of late. However, it also comes with a very hefty price tag, which unsurprisingly puts people off the whole thing. Tripping out with a lens strapped to your face sounds awesome, but not when it costs more then your rent! Besides, it’s not even available until 2016.

Fear not, oh pioneer of the digital universe, there is an answer! The Immerse Virtual Reality Headset is a brand new and ever-so-affordable venture into new and realistic worlds . Instead of using specialised hardware, it simply utilises what most of us carry around in our pockets all day anyway, our smartphones! That means that not only is it an awful lot friendlier to your budget, it’s also compatible with literally hundreds of free (or at least very cheap) apps that have been specially made for a VR experience. Just have a look on the Play Store and Apple Store and you’ll see what we mean. There’s something on there for just about everyone, from movies rendered in mind blowing 3D, immersive games or just somewhere new to have a wander. The smartphone screen is your oyster!

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The headset is really easy to use. Just get your app ready and then slot your phone into the front piece of the enclosure (it’s adjustable and spring loaded, so holds the vast majority of smartphones safely and snuggly). All you have to do then is pop it on your head and adjust the straps to ensure a comfortable fit. Hey presto! You’re now shooting through space, riding a roller coaster, hanging out with some dinosaurs or doing whatever it is you’ve decided to do in your virtual world, all from the comfort of your living room!

We’ve made a handy unboxing video for anyone that would like to have a closer look at the headset, which you can check out below. If you’re sold already and just want to get yourself immersed as fast as possible, click here to go to the product page!


  • Can you watch regular movies/TV on this or is it just for 3D ?

    • Hi Richard, to watch anything on the Immerse Virtual Reality Headset it needs to be presented in a special side by side video format due to the way it is designed to work with VR apps and 3D media. As such, whilst you could watch regular TV and movies through the headset, it might look a little odd!

  • Hi, what phone are you using? My dad bought me a headset for my birthday, but the grips that hold in the phone also hold down the off switch and it just turns off every time! I am using a Samsung Galaxy S4. Maybe not designed for that model?

    • Hi Mark, in our video we used a Galaxy S5 and found that the grips just missed the buttons. With other phone models we have tested, we’ve had some luck with turning the handset around so that the buttons are on the lower side with the single grip, and therefore not in the way of the buttons. If there’s still been an issue, we’ve also found that just shifting the phone slightly to the side can be enough to take the force of the grip off of the button. We hope that helps!

  • Will a iPhone 6 fit into it?

    • Hi Kyle, an iPhone 6 should fit inside it just fine. As long as the handset is within 15cm by 8cm, it will fit into the Immerse VR Headset. Hope that helps!

  • Hello will an Iphone4 fit?

    • Yes it will. All phones that are smaller than 15cm tall by 8cm wide will fit inside the Immerse VR Headset.

  • hi
    we are thinking of getting this for my nephew but he has a iPhone…will this still work?
    and are the apps free?
    please could you give us a quick lists of apps that can be used with this product as it looks great.

    • Hi Sarah, an iPhone should be fine (as long as it’s shorter than 15cm, as most iPhones are). We don’t have a list of apps to hand, but if you search for “VR apps” you should find plenty that offer all sorts of different experiences.

  • Very impressive!!

    But it must depend on a very effective “orientation sensor” for it to follow your head movements properly. Are most mobile phones compatible in this respect ? Mine is LG Leon (Android.)

    • Hi Brian, we must admit we’ve never tested an LG Leon, but reading up on the handset it could possibly lack the gyro sensors required to make it work. The best way to test would be to download one of the free VR apps on the phone and see if it works before you try it in a headset. Hope that helps!

  • Great to see. Now can we have Gamepad controller and autopilot in VR?
    I would love to see that.

  • Does this product allow people who wear glasses to use it, is there a focus adjustment to compensate for those how wear glasses at all.

    • Each lens can be twisted to adjust the focus, but it might be a bit of a snug fit if you’re wearing glasses whilst using it.

  • Where can you get these specially made films from

    • Search on YouTube for “side by side 3D” and you’ll find loads of cool 3D videos. Hope that helps!

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