Look! We’re on TV

We’ve made the jump to television! Sorry, we blurted that out in excitement, but it’s true, Hawkin’s Bazaar is now on TV. Airing in the second half of September, our tantalising TV ad will be going out over several channels on Freeview and Sky.

You can view our ever so wonderful advert by clicking on the video above, or you could just linger in front of your telly until it dances across the screen. The Hawkin’s Bazaar cover stars gracing your screens are none other than the Flitter Fairy and Flexi Robot.

Why pick these particular toy icons from our huge catalogue of Hawkin heroes? If you’ve ever seen a Flitter Fairy in action, you’ll know that her seemingly magical powers of flight are impressive to behold (even if you’re in on the secret). And the Flexi Robot? Well, who can resist the charms of a cool poseable robot?

We feel they represent the diverse and fun-loving nature of Hawkin’s Bazaar. We’ve always strived to bring you quirky curiosities that would be hard to come across otherwise, ever since we started playing this game in 1973. There were other close contenders in the race for star position (we still managed to sneak our favourite bouncy orange friend into the opening shots) but we decided these two fit the roles perfectly.

The advert coincides with the release of our latest catalogue and the new autumn collection which is crammed with loads and loads of new stuff. We could ramble on about it all in passionate detail, but we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. Half the joy is discovering the cool new treasures we have for yourself.

As the video itself says, the magic is in the catalogue (although we were sure to keep more than enough of the magic back for healthy online operations). Click here to jump on our mailing list and receive a copy of the catalogue in the post.

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