Maisto Mini Cooper model close up

Maisto Mini Cooper model close up

By now we hope you’ve had a chance to have a quick cruise around our model shop and have a look at some of the cool cars we’ve got in this massive new range. Today we thought we’d have a closer peek at one of our 1:24 scale models, just to show you how incredibly detailed they actually are.

Interior shot of the 1:24 Mini Cooper

Interior shot of the 1:24 Mini Cooper

Even though we’ve been handling these for months now, we’re still astonished by the level of detail we come across on each model. This 1:24 scale Mini isn’t even amongst the bigger, more detailed 1:18 sized cars, but still looks absolutely amazing inside and out.

Just take a look at the detailed interior through the open door. Dashboard dials and other features are faithfully recreated, from the air conditioning vents and the central console, right down to the Mini badge in the centre of the steering wheel. There are even pedals, a gear stick and a handbrake, not to mention the handles and other details on the inner door panelling. It has everything you’d expect to find in a car on the showroom floor bar the working engine, ample elbow room and four figure price tag.

Scan the outside of these Maisto and Bburago models and you’ll see that just as much care and attention has gone into recreating the metal bodywork. From a distance you’d be forgiven for thinking this Mini was the real deal, its body glinting with a sheen that’s so realistic, you’ll feel compelled to give it a proud buff with the corner of your sleeve.

Maisto Mini frontThis Mini has one more secret hidden up its tailpipe, well, actually it’s under the bonnet. Lift it up and you’ll be treated to a detailed replica of the car’s engine. We can’t claim to be automotive engineers, but the sight of it confuses us just as much as the view of the real engine on our own cars, so from that point of view it comes across as an accurate reconstruction.

You can find this 1:24 scale diecast Mini Cooper and many other cars like it in our newly opened model shop. We’re still buzzing like a hive full of car-loving hornets about these models, and we think you will be too. There are a few more detailed words about the entire Maisto and Bburago model range in our previous blog post here, or you can go to and see the full collection for yourself.

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  • It looks beautiful just like most of Maisto 1/18 and 1/24 look like. And they’re really durable. Even more than bburago in some cases. I am just sorry that Maisto do not focus more energy and attention to their die cast line. I wrote an article called Matchbox vs Hot Wheels vs Majorette Toy Cars and there I wrote about how my kid dismantled and broke a few Maisto cars. He never broke a Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars for example. There is a significant discrepancy in quality yet not in price between these brands. Sure they’re not bad as for example Welly toy cars but still…

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