Mother’s Day Isn’t just flowers and chocolate

Mother’s Day Isn’t just flowers and chocolate

Spring has nearly sprung, which can mean only one thing, Mother’s Day. It’s that wonderful day each year when, for a few brief hours, mum gets spoilt rotten with flowers, presents and as many cups of tea as she can drink.
Finding the right gift can be tricky though. You want something that’s fun and that’ll put a big smile on her face, but that also says “thanks for being so amazingly awesome, I love you loads and loads”. Well, we can help with that. Not only is a trip to Hawkin’s Bazaar something fun and exciting for the kids, they can pick up something for mum whilst they’re here! It’s a win-win situation!

Here are a few suggestions that we think Mum would love, but head to your nearest store or have a look at our website for even more!

Mini Massager

This futuristic looking gizmo is just what the doctor ordered for busy Mums. Simply press the button on the top and it’ll send calming vibrations through its three light-up feet, great for soothing necks, backs, shoulder and anywhere that’s feeling a little sore.


Grow Your Own Chocolate Kit

If there’s two things that Mums love it’s flowers and chocolate. This nifty kit combines the two, meaning Mum can grow some beautiful flowers that smell just like her favourite sweet treat!


Giant Martini Glass

After a particularly long day of being a Mum, a regular sized glass just won’t cut it. That’s where this extra-large, hand blown Giant Martini Glass steps in. Mum can fill it with her favourite tipple, sit back and relax without having to worry about refilling for quite a while!


Snore No More

Dads often have a nasty habit of snoring really loudly at night, which keeps poor Mum up when all she wants is a nice snooze! The Snore No More soon fixes the problem, as after a firm but friendly jab from the gloved end Dad is sure to quit his nocturnal noises.


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