New RC cars, detailed models and more

New RC cars, detailed models and more

We’re in the middle of one of our biggest range launches ever at Hawkin’s Bazaar, with more than 200 models, building kits and RC cars from model makers Maisto and Bburago now online, and more to come shortly! There are so many products that we might need to take a tin opener to the warehouse roof and build an extension.

Project 66

Project 66 is primed for attack

So where to begin with this pile of automotive wonder and awe in our model shop? We’ll start with the cool new remote control cars we’ve had roll through the door, which has ramped up our impressive RC collection to heights it’s never seen before.

Project 66 has emerged as one of our early favourites, and not just because this snazzy red and black design is exclusive to Hawkin’s Bazaar. Press a button on the controller and a concealed cannon rises out of the car’s body, ready to launch a barrage of five darts at anything sitting in front of it.

The bulk of our new collection is a massive fleet of exquisitely detailed model cars, each one brimming with authentic features everywhere you look, even inside! They come in a variety of scales and cover all your favourite makes and models, such as the Lamborghini Reventon, Ferrari 458 Italia, and many others. Check out our full collection of collectible diecast cars today.

If you’d prefer to enjoy these beautiful models in a bit more detail, several are also available as model kits. They’re simple to put together, coming pre-painted and with all the tools you need to complete them in a jolly afternoon. Have a look through our model kits selection to find a variety of cars and bikes that range from cool classics to modern supercars.

Lamborghini Murcielago LE

1/24 scale Lamborghini Murcielago

One of the additions that surprised us the most were these Go Gears toy cars that feature high-torque pullback motors that catapult them around the track at blistering speeds. They’re capable of reaching scale speeds of up to 200mph, setting the competition ablaze in their wake as they screech past the toy box. We’ve got the individual cars as well as Go Gears playsets designed to let them pick up some serious speed.

So give our new model shop a browse and tell us your favourites! We’re really excited about these new toys and models from Maisto and Bburago, and we think you will be too. Keep your eyes peeled for even more new additions to this range over the next month or so; there’s still more to come!

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  • Don’t know about the tracks, haven’t tested em out but the GoGear car I got for my kid still
    runs perfectly and is in one piece after almost half a year which is a miracle considering how my son plays with toys. Bburago GoGears Cars just need a better touch with the design and they could be a hit.

    I was really surprised with them cause they are far superior (only lacking in design) than for instance the darda pull back cars which cost 3-4 times as much

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