New soft toys online now

New soft toys online now

Everyone loves things that are soft and cuddly. Pets, pillows, premium loo roll (in a totally different context to the former two obviously) and so many other soft or fluffy items all feel especially comfortable to the touch. They’re qualities that we love and look for in our plush toys, and definitely something that the latest additions to our collection bring with them.

Yozos are the very embodiment of these qualities, each one being a big fluffy ball of adorable softness. Their slightly manic expression may appear odd, but suddenly becomes quite fitting after the slightest knock or nudge sends them spiralling into a fit of uncontrollable shakes and laughter. It may seem a little heartless to give them a gentle booting, but it’s oh so addictive, satisfying and fun!

Chitter Chatter Meerkat

He repeats what you say. Simples.

If the full-sized version isn’t for you, they also come in a slightly smaller variety, aptly named Mini Yozos. These have a similarly maniacal cackle to their larger cousins, except they come attached to a bouncy tether that triggers the giggles.

Whilst strangely cute plush orbs might not be to everyone’s taste, we dare you to try and not smile over our Chitter Chatters. These loveable little critters aren’t just the cutest things that run on batteries, but they also repeat what you say in a squeaky animal voice whilst bobbing their heads up and down. There are three different plush animal designs on offer, including a penguin, monkey and (our favourite) a meerkat.

The final new arrival to our plush range is Sky, the magical Glow Fairy. As her cryptic name vaguely implies, parts of this Glow Fairy light up with a colourful glimmer when you press her hand, including her wand and wings. She’s sure to delight fairy fans of all ages with her plush charms that are made ever so sweeter by the twinkly fairy noises she makes as she glows.

These loveable additions to our soft toys range are just a small part of our great collection that just keeps growing and growing with great new toys, gadgets, games and gift ideas.

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