Remove spiders quickly and easily with the Spider Catcher

Remove spiders quickly and easily with the Spider Catcher

Arachnophobia is one of the most common phobias in Britain, with the creepy crawly nightmares on eight legs finding their way into every home throughout the year. They scuttle and scurry faster than you can blink and seem great at getting into every nook and cranny where you least expect them. We’re very pleased to introduce to you the Spider Catcher; a simple and completely safe solution for removing all unwelcome spindly legged guests.

Harmlessly catch and remove spiders

The Spider Catcher is perfect as it not only removes spiders, but it does nothing to harm the little beasties whilst you do so. It features two rows of soft bristles that close around the spider, gently hugging it as you walk it out of your house and drop it outside. It’s so simple to use and keeps you at more than an arm’s length from the arachnid at all times, which should ease the fears of even the most severe arachnophobes.

spider catcherEasy squeeze and release handle

It really couldn’t be easier to use the Spider Catcher! Simply squeeze the handle to open up the bristles and then position the catcher over the spider. Release the handle and the bristles will close up around the creepy crawly house invader, plucking him from wherever he was hiding ready for removal. Once the bristles have closed the spider will not be able to escape, trapped in the soft and cosy bristles that can only release it when you squeeze the handle again. So once it’s in the trap, simply stroll outside and drop the spider somewhere else (we always recommend the bushes).

No more awkward glass and card catches

Catching a spider under a glass and sliding a card underneath it is easy enough on a kitchen floor, but have you ever tried to pluck one from the corner of a room, off of a wall or from a surface that isn’t flat? It’s challenging to say the least and can make the spider scuttle off somewhere you don’t want it to go (we’ve even had them leap off the wall at us – it was terrifying!) The Spider Catcher completely removes the awkwardness of such capture attempts thanks to its easy-to-use, never fail bristle grabber.

Advantages of spider relocation

Other than an arachnid free home, there can be lots of other great benefits for evicting spiders from your living room. Spiders are an excellent form of natural pest control that don’t just keep down the fly population, but also remove mosquitos, moths, aphids and more. As such, they are perfect for keeping the nasties away from fresh produce, so consider relocating them to a greenhouse or vegetable patch (so long as the designated gardener doesn’t mind a bit of eight legged company).

Catch other insects too

Don’t let the name mislead you, the Spider Catcher can be used to remove much more than spiders! Any home invading insect can be quickly and safely evicted from your home using the clever bristle grabber. Can’t stand moths? Just pluck it from the wall and help it to the window. Have worms wriggled into the conservatory? You’re more than equipped to help them back to the soil. So what are you waiting for? Pick up your Spider Catcher today!

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