Robo Fish swims onto our wishlist

Robo Fish swims onto our wishlist

Pets are great, but not everyone has the time, space or clause in their tenancy agreement to realistically care for an animal. Robo Fish is the ideal solution for the pet deprived looking to fill the empty fish bowl in their lives. It’s a very impressive combination of science and technology that has created a pet fish that doesn’t require feeding, water treatments or a particularly exotic tank.

This quirky aquatic robot gadget is water activated, springing to life as soon as it is submerged in any pool, fish bowl or water-filled receptacle. It’s here where Robo Fish shines, swishing its rear fin from side-to-side to move through the water in an eerily life-like manner. It is masterfully weighted, allowing it to effortlessly sink and rise as it ventures around a watery environment, randomly changing direction to completely explore the space.

Robo Fish not only works like a wonder but it also looks incredible, right from its realistic swimming motions all the way down to the hyper-stylish test tube-like plastic packaging. There are several different designs on offer, with colourful clownfish and robotic sharks available in different patterns and colours. It even comes with a specially made display stand for storing Robo Fish when it’s not swimming, making it a very cool shelf ornament as well.

We’ve been playing with them for hours in the office, filling whatever clear containers we think will pass for aquariums and dropping a couple of them in to roam around. They’re very convincing fake fish and a very cool feature in any room. Robo Fish also cuts out the worst part of aquatic pet ownership – all those inevitable funerals around the toilet bowl.

It’s something that really needs to be seen to be fully appreciated. You can check out the slightly bizarre video for it above or order your very own Robo Fish now from Each Robo Fish comes with a set of batteries pre-installed for immediate waterborne action, with a spare set thrown in for when the little robot feels its fins start to flop.

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