The 10 gadgets that everyone should own

The 10 gadgets that everyone should own

Imagine if you had to come up with a list of the 10 handiest gadgets that are essential for modern living, what would you pick? Well don’t worry because we’ve done it for you. These gadgets will help to make your life run that little bit smoother. Thank us later!

1. HAPIfork

The HAPIfork isn’t just your average fork. It’s a fork that can monitor how fast you eat your food and will alert you when you’re eating too quickly. Your metabolism can be kept at a healthy rate by eating slowly and the HAPIfork can track your progress over time and lets you analyse data to improve your weight control.

2. Syma X8W Drone with Streaming Camera

Who’d have thought it, it’s 2016 and you don’t even have to be a spy to buy your own drone. You can capture aerial footage and live stream it straight to your smartphone. With a control range of 100 metres, you can take a peek around and see what life looks like from up above. It’s a great piece of kit for technology lovers everywhere.

3. Smart Luggage

So you’re jetting off on your next holiday and need to buy some new luggage, look no further than smart luggage. Smart luggage weighs itself to ensure you’re under your luggage limit, it has a tracking device just in case you lose it (or the airline does!), it includes a power bank and it can be digitally locked too. This is a great device for keen travellers.

4. TV Sticks

It’s easy to turn any TV into a video streaming device with a TV stick. Gadgets such as the Amazon Fire TV Stick let you stream services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Amazon Instant Video and transform your home-entertainment experience. For a reasonable price, you can turn any TV into a smart TV and start binge-watching your favourite shows.

LED speaker cube

Great sound combined with retro charm

5. LED Speaker Cube

If you’re planning a trip away then speakers are an essential item to pack. With a compact design, you can take them anywhere and play your favourite tunes. All you need to do is attach your smartphone or media device and you can get everyone up and dancing in no time.

6. FitBit

FitBit fitness bands are stylish, functional gadgets that help you to keep on top of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. FitBits can analyse your sleeping pattern, count your calories and monitor how many steps you’ve walked in a day. You can access all of this information through the FitBit app and it’s a great tool for controlling your weight and making changes.

7. Zendure A2 Power Bank

When you’re on the move and don’t have access to a mains supply, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to charge your smartphone, tablet and other devices. This power bank is portable, durable and a suitable size for travelling.

8. Husqvarna Automower

You could have a robot mowing your lawn, pretty cool right? The Husqvarna Automower mows your lawn for you. There’ll be no more tedious arguments about whose turn it is to mow it, as all you need to do is set the automower to work, sit back and relax and it’ll do the rest.

9. Meat Thermometer

A meat thermometer can help you to ensure your meat and poultry are cooked to perfection. Cooking a good steak is a fine art and this kitchen gadget will mean that all of your food is safe, edible and you can take the worry out of cooking.

10. Mi-Fi Device

Sick of paying for Wi-Fi or data roaming charges while you’re away? Without spending much time online, you can quickly rack up a substantial bill. Mi-Fi devices allow you to add a data SIM and then benefit from your own wireless hotspot. You can then connect up to 10 different devices to your Mi-Fi.

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