The Latest (and Greatest) Gadgets 2016

The Latest (and Greatest) Gadgets 2016

Here at Hawkin’s Bazaar, you may have noticed we’re fond of gadgetry. From classic gadgets like remote controlled cars to more modern variations like flying camera drones, we love a good interactive toy. However, 2016 is going to see the release of some very exciting gadgetry and top quality tech. Here are some of our favourites…

Virtual reality ramps up
Announced in March, PlayStation VR will debut in October and has gamers salivating over the sheer possibility on offer. We’re no strangers to virtual reality ourselves, but this device will support immersive games built by 230 different developers. There’s currently a forecast of 50 games available at launch and the promise of ongoing growth. However, you’ll need a PS4, PS4 camera and Move controllers to get it to work.

The long-awaited Oculus Rift is also launching in 2016 and will be more expensive than the PlayStation VR experience, but will also offer a more high-end VR experience. This comes at the cost of requiring a computer that has a minimum of an Intel i5 CPU, 8GB of RAM and a graphics card like an Nvidia GTX 970 or AMD 290.

Human sized drones
The EHang 184 drone was shown as the CES expo. It’s an autonomous drone that can carry a human passenger for 23 minutes and reaches speeds of up to 60mph. It’s got folding arms and doors that open like wings.
We can imagine ourselves hopping in one to get from work to home – perhaps this is the future of taxi style transport?

Nima 6 gluten tester
The Nima 6 could be a literal lifesaver for people with Coeliac disease, or a massive boon for people with gluten allergies and intolerance. The Nima is a pocket-sized device you can take to meals and occasions. You place a sample of food into the pod and the device will display a smiley face if no allergens are detected. It can be configured to test for other allergies too. This is a game changer and one that will make life far more simple for people with allergies.

New and exciting drone tech
A drone that takes its styling from UAV vehicles in military shooters, the Parrot Disco is going to be a popular drone for people who are taking a step up from quadcopter drones. This one has two wings and a prop rather than propellers and can be launched from virtually anywhere, flies for 25 minutes and can reach speeds of 50mph. It packs a 1080p, 14-megapixel camera that gives you live telemetry and flight data.

Elsewhere, Intel have been showing off the Yuneec Typhoon H drone that senses and avoids objects using its RealSense camera. It’s a useful and welcome addition for drones, which are well known to be somewhat prone to collisions.

Personal transport
Getting around the city can be tough, but thanks to gadgetry people have more options than their feet or their cycle. The URB-E electric scooter is a 15mph, foldable and lightweight option that you can ride around the city and then tuck away when you’re heading into work. The charge works up to 20 miles and only takes four hours to refill to full capacity when the juice is gone.


  • Can you send me details on where to buy batteries for the recon observation drone the recon observation drone I have tried Amazon and they keep sending the wrong batteries

    • Hi! If you need a spare battery, you’d be best to email our CS team on Hope that helps!

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