The most useful gadgets for 2016

The most useful gadgets for 2016

At Hawkin’s Bazaar we’re all gadget geeks, and if it’s fun as well as practical, even better. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most useful gadgets on the market. Which of these will find a place in your home this year?

LED Speaker Cube

When you’re on the move and need to inject some musicality into proceedings, this portable LED Speaker Cube is more than happy to oblige. The retro cube reacts to the music you’ve selected and four 9 x 9 grids on each side light up in different colours. It’s compatible with phones, media players and SD cards, so there’s always an excuse for a party.

Syma x8w droneSyma X8W Drone with Streaming Camera

Become the ultimate spy. Scout out your area with the Syma X8W Drone with Streaming Camera which is WiFi enabled and will stream live images straight to your smartphone screen through the Syma app. What are you waiting for, 007?

IHarbort 5-Port USB Charging Station

These days we live amongst a whole host of different devices that need re-charging, sometimes every day. A 5-Port USB Charging Station allows you to charge up to 5 of your devices at once instead of waiting impatiently to charge one device after another. A product like this in your home can help to make your life easier.

Prism Projection Speaker

Remember the days when you’d just listen to music, well now you can watch it too. The Prism Projection Speaker changes colour according to the track you’ve chosen and projects light onto a nearby wall. It works with smartphones, tablets and music players, so you can immerse yourself in your music and see it in a new light.

Smart Control

Use this Smart Control by One For All to seamlessly control up to 8 devices in your home, including your TV, Set Top Box, Blu-ray, DVD, Soundbar, and console. The days of searching behind the sofa for your missing remote are over as it’s even got a remote finder feature.

Plug In Remote Selfie Stick

Remember the days when we all laughed at selfie sticks, well who’s laughing now? A Plug In Remote Selfie Stick is great for taking travelling or just messing about with a group of friends. Sometimes you need something to help you capture the best angles or get your camera into hard to reach places. Plug in your smartphone and use the stick’s buttons to take the perfect selfie. Say cheese!

Steel Safe with Alarm

Keep your valuables protected with a Steel Safe with Alarm. Fear not, your valuables will be safe and secure when you leave your home and the alarm system will be sounded if anyone’s cracked the combination lock.

Desktop Fan

There’s nothing worse than being at work when it’s sweltering hot, stuffy and the air conditioning isn’t working. If you’re in a room with an uncomfortable temperature then you won’t be able to work at your full potential, so being cool is essential. Prepare for the summer with a Desktop Fan and keep cool and carry on.

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