The super smell of scentos stationery

The super smell of scentos stationery

Allow us to introduce you to our brand new stationery range, Scentos. They write, glue, erase, etc just like normal stationery, but there’s something special about these school essentials that you’re not going to get with a boring old HB pencil. Every colour comes with it’s own awesome and unique scent! Write a note that smells like apple with the green pen, draw an orange that actually smells like orange with the pencil, or use them all at once to have a page that smells like a delicious fruit salad!

We’ve been trying them out here in the office and have to say, we’re big fans. Everything smells like fruit now!!scentos 2

The range has all of the pencil case essentials you can think of, including pens, pencils, glitter glue, notepaper and even paint! Each one comes with a funky face design that makes them stand out even more, ensuring you get the coolest pencil case in school (or work).

We recommend going for the super size activity set to get started. It’s got everything you need and more, including 24 scented stickers that are perfect for putting on bags, school books, and anything else you can think of!

Right, we’re off to draw a multi-sensory fruit bowl. Click here to get your own range of Scentos awesomeness!

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    Very nice blog and super size activity set is too good!

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