The Weirdest Gadgets of 2016

The Weirdest Gadgets of 2016

Ah, gadgets – helping us carry out our daily activities more conveniently since the dawn of time. From Kindles to baby monitors, gadgets have become standard household items for many people. However, some gadgets refuse to blend into the scenery. We’ve compiled a list of such devices – 2016’s weirdest, wackiest gadgets.

Electronic Tail

Cats are the smuggest animals. They slink from house to house, swishing their tails, washing their faces with their paws, and enjoying nine lives – all with the knowledge that humans benefit from none of these things. Thankfully, ThinkGeek’s Twitchy Kitty Electronic Tail is here to level the score. Simply clip the device to your trousers and you’ve got a movable tail – just like your feline friend. With a click of a button, it curls from side to side. If you want to step up your fancy dress game or freak out your smug cats, this is for you.

Flying Car

Car or helicopter? Helicopter or car? If you can’t decide which remote control vehicle you want, check out the Syma X9 Flying Car. A first in remote control technology, the gadget combines the best of both worlds. Because of its light weight, the X9 is super speedy when zipping about on the ground. In the air, it’s a gyro-stabilised flying machine. The hybrid switches seamlessly between the two – what’s not to like?


The brolly of the future is here!


Sick of leaving your umbrella at home? Tired of meeting torrential rain minutes later? Enter Oombrella. Paris-based Wezzoo have conjured up a brolly that will notify you (via your smartphone) if you leave your umbrella behind. The gadget will also let you know if it’s going to rain in the next 15 minutes. More good news: the Oombrella is also designed to withstand varied weather conditions. Its ribs are made from robust Kevlar, its handle is waterproof and its canopy is UV-resistant. The product will be available online and in shops in Autumn 2016.


First, there was the selfie. The shelfie, belfie and felfie duly followed. So, what does 2016 have to offer? The pelfie, i.e. the pet selfie. PetBot is a gadget that watches over your pet when you’re away from home, and keeps you up to speed with their activities. The inbuilt camera takes pet selfies, which zip straight to your phone. The inbuilt treat dispenser also allows you to reward your pet via smartphone. PetBot also features live video, so whether you’re at work or out for the night, you can check in on your fluffy friend.


If you’re still getting used to the idea of 3D printing, it might take some time to get your head round the 3Doodler. This gadget is the world’s first 3D printing pen. With the 3Doodler, you can transform your ideas into 3D sculptures, rather than simple sketches. How does it work? You slot a plastic cartridge into the pen, then the 3Doodler heats it into malleable plastic strands. Voilà – you can essentially draw in the air. The 3Doodler has variable speed and temperature controls, boosting precision.

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