What’s in a celebrity party bag?

What’s in a celebrity party bag?

We all love party bags here at Hawkin’s Bazaar, but we’ve only ever delved into the variety handed out at children’s parties. When celebrities attend big award shows like the Oscars and BAFTA awards, they also get a freebie or two, but it’s usually more than a bag of sweets and cake wrapped in a napkin! Check out our new infographic to see the kind of things you’d find in a celeb’s party bag. You won’t believe what’s inside some of them!

Celebrity party bags infographic


  • Wow I can’t believe that these celebrities are spoilt for choice with unimaginable gifts, that they probably give to the maid, their kids or their hired help, but how else are manufactures going to get their merchandise out there for the world consumer to buy product. We’ll by giving celebs who have everything gifts that they expose on camera out and about so that we can buy them. Lovely jubley ( and no I’m not jealous, just envious of the products that I save up to buy is just given away to celebs.). Having said all that I would love and appreciate being given one of those award goodie bags. GIMME GIMME GIMME.

    • We’re definitely jealous! More than anything though, we’d like to know what form the hair transplant took in the Oscar’s goodie bag. We can only dream that it was an extra-nice toupe with Velcro straps…

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