Where can I get spare parts for my Syma drone?

Where can I get spare parts for my Syma drone?

Need a new battery for your drone, some blades for your helicopter, or some other spare part for your Syma RC flying machine? Hawkin’s Bazaar is here to help!

Let’s be honest, no one is a flying ace from the second they pick up the controller. Crashes happen from time to time, and even though Syma drones and helicopters are built to take a few knocks, there are only so many collisions with trees and walls that anything can take before it shows signs of wear.

Syma SparesWhether you need to replace a worn part or just want to stock up on a few essential spares so that you’re ready should the worse happen, head on over to our Syma spare parts collection to find what you need. We have spares for almost every Syma model that we stock, ensuring that any drone or helicopter can be brought back from the brink with a few replacements.

Installing the components is easy, with it being a simple case of identifying which screws on your drone or helicopter need to be loosened to remove the old part. Once the old piece is removed, just slide the new part in its place and tighten the screws again. Good as new! You won’t even need to invest in any new tools for the job either, as most drones and helicopters include a small screwdriver just in case you ever do want to swap out the parts.

Should you feel that a repair like this is possibly a little beyond your ability then the experts at our drone and helicopter helpline are here to help! We have loads of Syma experts who will be happy to offer advice or even fix your Syma RC drone or helicopter for you. To get in contact with the Syma team, simply call them on 01702 208 150 and they’ll be happy to help.

Do you just want another battery for a bit more fly time? You can also find these in our spare parts collection. Simply find the one that fits your Syma drone or helicopter model and it’ll charge using the lead included with your original purchase. It’s the perfect way to ensure you get more time in the air; just swap batteries when the first one runs flat!


  • I.m looking for a circuit board for my h3197 rc helicopter.could you please contact me regards this matter please.

    • Hi Kevin, please email your request to help@hawkin.com and our team will check to see if they have a spare they can send you.

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