Zombie gnome wants to eat your braaaiiiiins

Zombie gnome wants to eat your braaaiiiiins

Come on, admit it. Zombies are cool. Yeah, maybe they’re kinda smelly and gross and would chow down on your brains if given half a chance, but from a safe distance they’re pretty awesome. We think so anyway, which is why we’re adding them to our garden ornament collection. Don’t get us wrong, normal gnomes are all well and good, but why have a chirpy little bloke on a toadstool when you can have one with a craving for human flesh?

The Zombie Gnome sports all the usual features of your regular garden gnome, including a bushy beard, red hat and blue coat. The main difference being that his are all smeared with the blood of his latest victim. Tasty.
He’s been handmade from terror-cotta (see what we did there?) so is perfect for outdoor use, and will no doubt make an impression on the neighbourhood cats when they come snooping. Place him by the pond, hide him among the shrubbery or just have him in the middle of the lawn, he’s terrifying wherever he is! Just don’t turn your back on the hungry little muncher, and if he does attack remember – aim for the head.

Our brave toy tester Jack got up close and personal with the little fella with a taste for grey matter in one of our unboxing videos, which you can check out below.

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